Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes

Discipleship Classes for all ages, nursery through adult, every Sunday morning at 9:00 am. Middle and high schoolers will attend one of the below classes with the adults. Please see the Children’s Ministry page for more information on their classes. Join us each Sunday. Everyone is welcome!

20 Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know
by Wayne A. Grudem
Location: Multi-Function Room
Led by: Todd Cravens and David Gonzales

Format:  This study will focus on the theological basics of essential Christian Doctrine.  Each week a chapter from the book will be taught allowing for questions and answers throughout the time.  Copies of the book have already been purchased if you want to do the additional reading outside of class.

To find out more go here.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
by Donald S. Whitney
Location: Youth Room
Led by: Anthony Colarusso and Steve Brown

Format:  This study focuses on the practices of Christian living that allow us to draw closer to God and experience Him. Each week a chapter from the book will be taught allowing for questions and answers throughout the time.  Purchasing the book is not required, see the table of contents in the link below.

To find out more go here.

Public Reading of Scripture
Location: Conference Room
Led by: Dave Chamberlain, Andy Mills, and Bob O’Brien

Format:  The time will begin with a few minutes of prayer and then the group will listen to Scripture being read from the Public Reading of Scripture App.  Scripture will include both Old and New Testament Readings.  The text will likewise be on the screen in the room to follow along.  The time will conclude with a brief discussion.

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CASKET (Old Testament Survey)
Women’s LIFE Group
Location: Classroom 3
Led by: Elizabeth Harrah and Merri Brown

Format: Begins ONE WEEK earlier (Sept 19th) than the other classes. This class will be going over the CASKET workbook and discuss that week’s lesson after the sermon from the previous week on the same material.