The mission of our student ministry is to glorify God by leading youth to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and by developing youth to be mature disciples of Jesus. Our primary goal is to create opportunities and an environment for students to develop their own faith as well as grow and mature through the work of the Holy Spirit. We intentionally seek to accomplish this by:

  • Being a trusted resource to parents in helping them in their calling to be the primary disciplers of their youth  
  • Meeting the students where they are at through building relationships and benchmarking: 
    • If they have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior
    • Spiritual/earthly/intellectual maturity
    • Life circumstances spiritual/earthly
    • Gifting’s spiritual/earthly
  • Teaching/ modeling Biblical truths/principles/literacy
  • Fostering/developing/modeling worship/prayer life
  • Teaching/modeling/encouraging/promoting discipleship and kingdom work
  • Encouraging critical/independent thinking

Students, both middle school (MS) and high school (HS), gather each week on Friday evenings for youth group (YG)! While we do play games and have fun, the intention of this time is to break down barriers and make students feel welcome and comfortable while at the same time getting to know them. We spend the majority of our time teaching the Bible, in small group discussion/ reflection, worship in song, and prayer. Click on the Email icon below to contact HCC with your questions.

We usually offer weekly Bible study classes on Sunday morning at 9 AM for youth but there will be no Sunday School offered for this Spring 2021 semester. 

HS mid-week small group discipleship meets on Tuesday nights from 7:30- 9 PM at HCC in the multifunction room. For the Spring 2021 semester we will be studying J.I. Packer’s “Knowing God”. The class will be co-lead by myself and Elizabeth Harrah who is a member of HCC and has been involved in our church as well as youth program for over 5 years. She has a passion for the Word of God and to disciple and mentor young women.

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Click on the below link to check out some of the resources we recommend for our youth and their parents.

Youth Ministry Resources

Winter/Spring Semester 2021 Youth Group -Weekly Schedule – Friday’s @ 7 PM

Friday Night Youth Group Schedule:

  • Parent Drop Off (MS & HS): 7:00 PM
  • Start Time/Game Time (MS & HS): 7:00 PM – 7:40 PM
  • Worship in Song (MS & HS): 7:45 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Bible Study/Discussion: 8:05 PM – 9:15 PM (MS and HS together)
    • Pre Study Questions (get students minds thinking and talking about the content of the Scripture passage) : 8:05 PM – 8:20 PM
    • Individual Study (students go through the passage using a Bible study methodology – make observations & ask questions): 8:20 PM – 8:35 PM
    • Expository Teaching (passage is taught through while answering students questions along the way): 8:35 PM – 9:05 PM
    • Small Groups (~3 per group) Reflection – Discussion/Prayer: 9:05 PM – 9:15 PM
  • Parent Pick Up (MS & HS): 9:15 PM
  • “Afters” Hangout Time (OPTIONAL both HS & MS): 9:15 PM – 10:15 PM
    • During this time our Student Leader team prepares a group activity for our students (sometimes it’s just hanging out and talking, other times we will play a game, and other times we will have an extended time of worship in song or discussion)
    • The goal here is to give students a time to get to know one another and build peer to peer relationships

Spring Semester 2021 Youth Group -Teaching Schedule

COVID-19 – 2021 Youth Group Update/ Procedures

We are all excited to be able to continue meeting in person and to now do so combined middle school (MS) and high school (HS) once again! With that said, it is very important that we are all on the same page as far as expectations and execution so that we can continue to do so. There are members of our group that are immunocompromised (or have family members that are), others that have interactions with the elderly, as well as others that are more cautious in their response. We want to make sure that everyone is safe/feels welcomed and we do not want to exclude anyone from meeting with us in person (although there is a Zoom option for those that aren’t comfortable meeting in person!). So, at a minimum, it is on this basis that we have put in place the below guidelines/ procedures for Friday night youth group:

  • Please use the symptom and close contact criteria found on our Worship Service Information page to determine if you should attend: Worship Service Information
  • In accordance with the updated churchwide policy, face coverings may be removed when seated and socially distanced.  This is required for worship and church events both inside and outside the building.  
  • There will be a Zoom option for the Bible study/discussion portion of the evening (beginning around 8:30 PM for both MS and HS) for students who would prefer not to attend in person
    • If you are interested in attending via Zoom, please notify me either via email or cell phone (781-568-0905) so that I can arrange for this with the adult leaders – I have an alarm set on my phone to start the Zoom meeting but please call me if your meeting hasn’t been started
  • We will be meeting indoors in the sanctuary for the combined time of games and worship in song. Middle school will be going downstairs to the multi-function room for their Bible study/discussion time as high school will remain in the sanctuary.
    • There will be both a passive and active “game/activity” option
      • Active Game/Activity: There will be hula-hoops upstairs on the floor in between the rows in the sanctuary – when you enter the sanctuary at the start of the program please go directly to a hula-hoop
      • Passive Game/Activity: There will be tables set up downstairs at the rear of the multifunction room – when you enter the multifunction room at the start of the program please go directly to a chair
    • We will be following the same indoor guidelines as Sunday morning services (masks are required except when you are seated and socially distant) – you can refer to “The Worship Service Registration Page” for the baseline guidelines followed by the church across all events
    • All games played will be played in a socially distant manner (we are getting creative with this!)
    • There will be individually bagged “snack packs” (they were a hit at the movie night during the summer!) in order to avoid mass gathering around snacks/beverages
    • Both the overview lesson and discussion groups will have chairs already set up in a socially distanced manner