Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools

Tools for Memorizing Scripture

2018 Memory Verses
Here are 50 scriptures to memorize during the 2018 year.  Memorize a scripture each week from the new or old testament and let God’s word guide you through the new year.
Fighter Verses
If you need some help and encouragement for memorizing Scripture, then let me encourage you to check out the Fighter Verses memorization app created by Children Desiring God Ministries.  It offers 5 different sets of yearly verses to memorize.  You can listen repeatedly to the verses being read to you, as well as, listen to a the verse in song.  The app is available in Apple and Android platforms.  It’s only $2.99 an is worth every cent.  Learn more about Bible verse memorization at
ESV.ORG – Reading & Memorizing
For a free verse memorization tool, which you can access on any web enabled device, visit, set up an account, and then click on the calendar icon, which will load multiple Bible reading plans.  Scroll to the bottom to the Truth Bible Memory Plan.  Click on the plan to begin.  This is also the place to find over a dozen Bible reading plans as well.

Tools for Reading Scripture 

Bible Study Together – 2 Year Plan
If you’re looking for a slower paced manageable reading plan, then visit  You’ll find a free plan which requires about 10 minutes each day and includes reflection questions and explanatory videos from The Bible Project.  The app is available for all devices.  Download the print version of the Daily Reading Journal free here.
Olive Tree 
If you’re looking for a great free app that will sync across multiple devices, then try  It’s a great tool for studying the Bible as well as gaining access to over a dozen different reading reading plans.  It is available for both Apple and Android devices.
The Bible Project – 1 Year Plan
The Bible Project has developed a one year Bible reading plan that takes you through the whole Bible in about 15-20 minutes per day.  You begin by watching a short video as an overview of the reading, then read a portion of Scripture, and then a Psalm.  You can download the print version in PDF format here or download the app for Apple or Android devices.  The app is free.
May the Lord bless your reading and memorizing his wonderful word.


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